Villa for Rent in Umalas Bali

Rent villa in Umalas is located in the peaceful area, Umalas is in the middle of trendy Seminyak – Kerobokan- Canggu triangle.

It is under a 10-minute scooter ride of plenty of great places where to have fun at night, to shop for fashion and antiques, spend some time on the beach, relax in a top level spa or have great meals.

These are just simple things, but among the best things to do in Bali.

Umalas is a great location to spend time in Bali, as you can hit the best places in Seminyak, surf in Canggu and explore the rest of the island, without feeling trapped like in Kuta.

So, this list of activities to do in Umalas relies on places located in Umalas 1 and Umalas 2, south Canggu, north Seminyak and north Kerobokan. All within a 10-minute scooter ride.

Villa Canggu BVI53960

Villa location in Umalas Bali

Discover Tranquility in Tropical Luxury. Nestled in the heart of Padang Linjong, Canggu, 4Bedrooms Canggu Villa welcomes you to a world of tropical modern elegance. This four-bedroom villa is a...

Villa Umalas BVI53611

Villa location in Umalas Bali

Embracing Sustainable Luxury: The Future of Villa Staycations. In the serene landscapes of tomorrow’s travel destinations, a new breed of accommodation emerges, tailored for the environmentally...

Villa Umalas BVI53155

Villa location in Umalas Bali

Three bedroom Umalas Villa is an excellent value three-bedroom villa with a 14-m swimming pool, lush gardens, and excellent staff. With comfortable furnishings and air-conditioned dining and living...

Villa Umalas BVI50447

Villa location in Umalas Bali

Are you looking for a truly luxurious and modern 5 bedrooms holiday experience in Bali? Look no further than villa in Bali, a stunning contemporary property located in the sought-after Umalas...

Villa Umalas BVI46629

Villa location in Umalas Bali

Located in Umalas, in the Golden triangle comprising Canggu, Seminyak, and Kerobokan, Villa is a two-bedroom holiday villa as part of the Villa Estate. Perfectly located close to the many famous...

Villa Umalas BVI44249

Villa location in Umalas Bali

Villa is situated amidst the verdant rice fields of Umalas which is near Canggu as well as trendy Seminyak. The one- bedroom haven is part of a larger estate, Villa Bali, that houses eight one or...

Villa Umalas BVI44230

Villa location in Umalas Bali

A holiday villa in Umalas, Villa is a rustic and quaint private rental which is part of the estate, Villa Bali, that is not only utterly luxurious but also aims to provide a cherished and wonderful...

Villa Umalas BVI44110

Villa location in Umalas Bali

The Villa is a one-bedroom villa in Umalas, and part of the  eight-villa  estate,  Villa  M  Bali which  offers  luxury accommodation to guests travelling to Bali either on their honeymoon or...

Villa Umalas BVI44091

Villa location in Umalas Bali

A charming, one-bedroom villa part of the Villa Bali estate, Villa is found in Umalas, a serene and more laid-back part of Bali. With rice fields surrounding the periphery of the villa, it is ideal...

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