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Lovina Beach is a tourist attraction on the coast of North Bali. Exactly 10 km to the west of Singaraja City.

Lovina Beach has black sand and its location is still very natural. In the coastal area, you can see many traditional fishing boats lined up.

However, the main attraction of Lovina beach is not the beaches, but the dolphin watching activity in the middle of the sea.

The journey from the tourist attraction Kuta Bali to Lovina can be reached within 3 hours, and the road is a bit winding and up and down.

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Villa Lovina BVI43300

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in Lovina

Located in the quiet and secluded area of Lovina, the North of Bali offers a tropical retreat away from the busy towns of the South. Villa is hidden away from the main roads amongst rolling rice paddies and endless greenery. The modern open plan villa boasts 3 spacious bedrooms, large living areas and a sprawling garden with a private swimming pool. Just a 13 minute drive to Lovina Beach and closeby to famous waterfalls, Villa offers a perfect tranquil location for a quiet getaway with family and friends.

Villa Lovina BVI19273

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in Lovina

Private villa fully staffed, family friendly, sea view, infinite private pool and dolphin tour. Facing the sea and located slightly in land among the pretty hills at a height of 120m but only a three minute drive from the beach and 10 min from Lovina city center, the villa is a stunning property, perfect for escaping the stresses of modern life. With an ocean breeze keeping guests cool, this unique location comprises antique wooden ‘Joglos’ which form part of the Indonesian culture. Remodeled to cater for the discerning modern traveller, this is ultimate luxury with a historic twist.


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